Sketch Cards by Connie Faye

What are Sketch Cards?

The Non-Sports Trading Card Industry derived their ‘Sketch Cards’ from the original A.C.E.O.s (Artist Card Editions & Originals – 2.5 x 3.5 miniature works of art) a trend that was started back in early 2000 on feeBay by a user named “bone*diva“.

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I painted (Watercolor/Acrylic) 50 cards for this set, 9 were Disapproved, 2 out of 5 of my Capt. Janeway’s were approved by Kate Mulgrew.

I created 30 color cards for this set. This was the first set I truly upped my marker skills. Before I started working on the cards, I spent a week experimenting with copics trying to get them to look painterly.

I painted and inked 15 card for this set. These were done for K & J Non Sports Cards in early 2013. I haven’t seen them on ebay or anywhere else, so good luck in finding them.

I painted & inked 50 sketch cards for this set. This set was difficult to work on because the card stock that was used, was nearly impossible to work on in general which is why I decided to try and paint these cards.
Disclaimer: As an artist that works on contract, we rely that the card companies have obtained all of the proper licensing prior to hiring the artists to work on these card sets. With that in mind, we found out years later that this set was never authorized by Ray Harryhausen.

I drew approximately 450 color and black & white sketch cards for this set, working from pre-approved samples.

I drew approximately 200 sketch cards for this set, working from pre-approved samples.

I drew 160 sketch cards for this set, working from pre-approved samples.

This was my first sketch card set. I got on the project sort of late, I had less than 30 days to do 356 individual drawings. I started out really good, but as time dwindled I felt the increasing pressure to get them done on time; which meant I started skipping the inking & colored pencils. By the end I had 50+ cards left that I just whipped out a simple repeating witch king drawing, if you got one of those, I apologize. Those were NOT at all my best work. And it seems that I didn’t have time to scan them *all* either.