In Review… Chicagoland Grand National Comic Book Convention (back dated)

all in all, it was a terrific show!

Very first thing Saturday morning, we got stuck in this huge hole of mud in the middle of the damned parking lot… Don’t ask… it’s all just stupid, but it worked out… Pat backed the jeep up to the doors so we could unload, but I wanted him to wait because I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a place where we were supposed to unload since the parking lot was unfinished… and there was, so after I get our badges and get back in the truck, he pulls forward, and what looked like just a small pile of dirt on the parking lot really was a 1 1/2 foot trench filled with dirt that since the thaw turned into whipped mud… I was so embaressed and upset, thinking great… this is just great… I went inside and asked to borrow a phone to call the insurance company (we have road side assistance thru them). The ladies phone that I used was the promoters wife, she started yelling at people “One of our artists got stuck in that, I told you to put up cones, I told you this was going to happen”… to make this part not so long and boring, the tow truck came and pulled our jeep out of the gooey mud… so all is well…

Later on during the course of the day, a girl from one of the local papers happened by my table and started asking lots of questions, and asked to take pictures… She complimented me on many of my prints and originals, asked prices etc… she took a business card and told me that if it runs, to look in Sunday’s paper, in the community section.

Sunday morning arrives we stop at our usual, duncan donuts and got the paper… with the way my luck has been going lately I wasn’t getting my hopes up too high, so of course when we started looking and saw it… I was floored.

Front page of the community section:

What a way to start your morning huh?

We allowed ourselves 40.00 each on something from the show, so later on in the afternoon, I went and got Ernie Hudson’s autograph (he played Officer Albrect from ‘The Crow’). I honestly think he was happy that I wasn’t there because I liked him in Ghostbusters. Did you know he’s from my neck of the woods, Elgin, IL? I didn’t know that either. We talked for about 15 mintues (but it wasn’t anything like how I scared Lani Tupu off)… he’s a genuinely wonderful guy… he really is. He knew I was one of the exhibitors and had waved at us several times while passing by. I gave him my card and he said next chance he got he’d stop by and check out my work… and… he did! It’s not often that they really stop by and ‘talk’ to you. He was at our table for a good 20 minutes. I loved how fans were walking by gawking at Ernie Hudson shopping… he looked at everything… he even grasped what some of my works were about… the ones that most people look at and immediately think is scary or creepy, he actually understood the concept of those pieces… my impression was that he was impressed… btw… he loved psychodollie!

Then… after the show, he was waiting outside for his ride, he came over gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug and told me that he was speechless over my gesture (I had sent Pat over to his table with a signed 11×17 of Psychodollie). He shook Pat’s hand and told him that next time he’s in town we’ll hook up.
How cool was that?

What a weekend!

I’m sorry if it reads all jumbled up, I’m still floored over this entire thing… the newspaper, Ernie Hudson, and the fact that I did well…

oh yeah… I didn’t get any pictures at all… I should have, but really… I have so many of our table from all of the other shows… but… Nino took pictures of me with his soap bubble superhero mask, it’ll be on the fan website… (oh joy, i’m not really looking forward to seeing that one).

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