Detroit… Motor City Comic Con 2005

We arrived in Novi, MI early Friday morning, stopping off at McDonald’s for some much needed coffee and some breakfast. There is nothing worse than starting your day off with a really awful cup of coffee… >.< it was so bad I only had two sips. Mc Donalds has changed their coffee to some sort of 'Premium' alternative. In my opinion, it was a bad move, it's sooo strong and bitter, there isn't any amount of sugar and creamer in the world that could soften the horrible bitterness.

Anyway we got to the convention hall and set up by 930a, only to find out that the show didn’t open till 1pm. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they stuck the porn queens in with the rest of Artist Alley? On the end of my row was ‘Lori Lust’ #1 Fitness Model Porn Star’ (whatever that means). Which I believe really hurt the rest of the artists in the row. Everyone was complaining, we just wern’t getting the traffic we normally get, there were so many artists that were marking their wares down to half off just to try and make a sale, but Lori Lusts customers were not interested in what we had to sell… I really thought this entire show was going to be written off as a complete loss. But I think enough people complained that she really wasn’t up and about on Sunday, she pretty much stayed seated behind her table.

Dinner Friday night was a blast, we ate at BD’s Mongolian BBQ… it was Art Balthazar, his dad, Bill and Cathy Wilkison, Heather and her friend, my hubby and me. Art’s dad is always a delight to have around, he’s one that definitely will keep you on your toes.

The Show on Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday except it started earlier… I had a commission to do, I talked to quite a few people, and saw some really cool costumes… Ashe from Army of Darkness is still battling the forces of evil… We saw a ‘butter jedi’… kin to the ‘butter ninja’ =) I didn’t get to see which celebrites actually made it in, but Art’s Dad was very happy to have talked to Joyce DeWitt… and Heather was very happy to have gotten “Hacksaw’s’ autograph. Dinner Saturday… We decided to go to Friday’s…. it took them over an hour to seat a party of 7… So once we actually got to sit and eat, we stayed there late… Art and his dad had us going again… =) We intended on going to see Nigel and Brian’s comedy act, but… we couldn’t find a single parking space by the time we got there…

[double edit] katie stopped by, she gave me a wonderful little faerie print and the cutest little ghost in a jar! (btw… it’s sitting in my curio) sorry i forgot katie! *hugs*

Sunday was a complete turn around from the previous two days… it was sooo much fun. I was so busy I barely had time to get out to see the other artists in Artists alley. I had one customer buy 7 prints… 7 o.O I was floored! I got quite a few compliments on my display and my work. tho… I really need to get busy and finish my new paintings… I need new display material and some new faerie prints. =) the drive home was too long… we left right after the show which ended at 5pm and didn’t get home till after 130a.

How could I have forgotten THIS? Sunday while I got my chance to escape my table… I went to visit Nigel & Brian to see how their day was going and to give them the info on a show in October… I’m talking to Brian, and B A M… something hit me in the head… like right next to my eye on my eyebrow… I yelled “SHIT!”, I looked up to see a very shocked Nigel holding a small crossbow. He SHOT me with a stale marshmallow! What I think happened is it was loaded while he was talking and it went off, and shot me in the head! He loaded it and gave it to me to get him back… I was like… you…. just… wait…. I’ll get you when you least expect it… so he gave me the puppy dog look and said ‘i love you’… I glared back at him… and announced… ok I know when I’m not wanted. so he yelled as I was walking away I LOVE YOU. >.<

[left to right: Heathery Goodness, and this is my neighbor Steve and his painting on the back of a suit jacket… this man is hellatalented!]

ok… I think that’s all I have… I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera to the restaurant… I get so caught up in the fun and forget. >.< but… WWC there will be tons of pictures… you'll be sick of us after that. =D