Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing © Lucasfilms
I’m well aware that there are obvious anotomical mistakes.
For a contest here: Darth Artsy: A Star Wars Fan Art Community

Closer view of the face

I just couldn’t get my head wrapped around the pose, but I wanted to do it anyway. I’m still painting away on my current commission project. (which should be done in the next day or two). Once it’s done I’ll post it just incase someone is actually reading this thing. After that I have a pet portrait to do, in graphite.

Yum how I love to work in graphite.

selling stuff… (tuesday listings)

I was really hoping to have finished earlier… I spent most of the morning painting Elwna. As you can see… I’m really trying to get background settings on these girls. *sigh*

5×7 Paintings:

[ selling here ]


[ selling here ]


Also… I still have some of the mythical beasts left

they are $20.00 each (2.00 first class shipping to the US only. I’ll have to check postal rates to anywhere outside of the US.)

Also all of my prints are available directly from my website: Click Here to buy a print.

And finally… I’m available for custom art requests (commissions) please click here for pricing.

These will be a few of the ACEO’s I’ll be listing on Tuesday… unless someone snatches them before hand. IF you are interested, please e-mail me at:

Medium: Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Metalic Watercolor and.. Glitter Gel Pen.

These really do are more striking in real life than in this scan.

The little red haired fae is my original character.

very well put by docbrite.

I can’t tell you how sick to death I am of just getting by…

If the work itself wasn’t such a pleasure, I swear I’d chuck it all…

But I chose this life, and I could no more walk away from it than I could walk out of my own skin.

In my case; I’m not really getting by, my ends are not meeting by any stretch of the imagination, it’s beginning to be too much stress.

Still no word from Echo, I’ll call again on Wednesday, if I still don’t hear from them, I’ll just add them to the list of disappointments.

In other news, Chicagoland Z was cancelled, no reason was given, and… I’m VERY unsure if I’ll have enough to do the Fall Novi Show. =( I seriously doubt it at this point. If something miraculous happens, then count me in. *sigh*

Wizard World Chicago… the next day…

Thursday was Preview Night and Artist Alley set up. We didn’t get there till really late because I was so not ready… I still had so much to do. >.< I could have taken another 3 days to get ready…

Friday was amazing! I was busy as hell, I got to see Rodney (my dragon guy) he bought the asian dragon ACEO. I only did two sketches… because I was sooo busy and it took way longer than it should have, next big show I may have to start taking orders then cranking them out at night, then people would pick them up for the next day. This was a very unsual Friday… Also I finally got to meet Kasra, a wonderfully sweet person that had purchased quite a few of my dark originals. =)

Saturday was crazy busy… I barely got a chance to sit down. The president of Echo Gallery came by my table, looked over my work and said that I’d fit in perfectly with them. Echo Gallery is affiliated with Heavy Metal Magazine! He told me to look over the site and get in touch with him. And Jym stopped by my table, he completely loves the merman piece I did for him a few months ago. He brought me some catelogs for inspiration, he also gave us some swag from his site. ^___^ I just love swag. =)

Sunday was slow… like what Friday should have been. But I noticed that lots of my ‘dark art’ was selling!!! I was thinking YAY! finally, people are buying my original ideas instead of the faery stuff. I got a chance to run around and see things which I rarely get to do. I got an Adam Hughes Sketchbook, also a pin up sketchook from Bawidamann, (also got one from Jess & Grant), and I got David Mack’s new book (which hasn’t even been distributed yet) and a print from him. =) That was it for my buying…. OH! we got the new issue of Bill’s book, and Art gave us the WWC 2005 Pat Sketch. Every show we do, Art draws a picture of my husband… this one I think was the best… =)

and now… for some piccies:
[ Inkslinger Extrodinare Bill doing one of his quicky people drawings ]

[ on sunday I think, a bunch of people at the tables were joking, and bill yells and points “YOU BLACK BASTARD” at the guy in the picture (which sat directly across from me)… just a soon as he said that, it got eerily quite till ‘black bastard‘ said something back. then everyone laughed. o.O ]

[ After all that he’s done, I just had to have a picture with Kasra ]

[ I did a total of 3 sketches, this one was my favorite. ]

While my husband was over at Art’s table, he sneezed… Then when I was over at Art’s table asking what his dinner plans were, he asked if he had drawn a sketch of Pat for this show. So he whipped one out, after he finished, he turned it over, handed it to me and said ‘I don’t know what this means‘.

This weekend went by so fast, and I was soo busy… both at the show and at home… This week I’m going to send in my paper work for the Fall show in Detroit, and the Chicago comic book market place (it’s a one day show). Next year we’d like to do all of the Wizard Shows… (one of the wizard employees came buy and asked me if I was going to do any of the other wizard shows, we told him definately Philly next year… but we’d also like to do Houston and LA. Also we’d like to get a group together to do San Diego, =).