very well put by docbrite.

I can’t tell you how sick to death I am of just getting by…

If the work itself wasn’t such a pleasure, I swear I’d chuck it all…

But I chose this life, and I could no more walk away from it than I could walk out of my own skin.

In my case; I’m not really getting by, my ends are not meeting by any stretch of the imagination, it’s beginning to be too much stress.

Still no word from Echo, I’ll call again on Wednesday, if I still don’t hear from them, I’ll just add them to the list of disappointments.

In other news, Chicagoland Z was cancelled, no reason was given, and… I’m VERY unsure if I’ll have enough to do the Fall Novi Show. =( I seriously doubt it at this point. If something miraculous happens, then count me in. *sigh*