This is just a bit of what I’ve been upto lately.
Last year I bought a book called ‘the great american pin-up’ Jess and I were talking about what I should do with it… so here’s my first Pin-up Style Faerie’



[yeah, I know it’s a tiger lily, but all the same]
Mediums Used: Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencil, Glitter gel pen, and Opalescent Acrylic (on the wings).

I’d like to get it sold as quickly as possible without going thru ebay.

Price is 50.00 including shipping

It comes in a 5×7 Clear Sealing Bag (adhesive strip on the bag and not the flap) and an acid free matt board backing, and has been sprayed with a clear non yellowing fixative.

I’m working on one more, hopefully to be done soon!

Was in New York (Queens and Long Island) last week for some family stuff.

I did manage to find time to squeeze in some drawing with the little bit of time I had. I was trying draw out a dragon my husbands brother might find satisfactory, but no dice, either, they just arent mean enough looking, or they have ‘rabbit’ legs. o.O oh well… he might be getting a refund because… this 60.00 commission (20.00 already paid as a deposit) has already become more work than it’s worth.

I’m very excited, I’ve finally heard back from Derek at Echo. I’ll be discussing things with my husband and I’ll be getting back to him ASAP. Very exciting indeed!

a look inside my studio

For those of you who had seen my studio before, will know this is a HUGE improvement. I can actually sit AND work at my table now. Tho… there are some piles of stuff that’s been sorted that I just need to figure out what to do with… and… I need to clean the living room now… There’s alot of extra stuff that was in this room, that is in there now that I need to find a place for.

[ semi cleaned & organized studio…]

[ my current commission… a graphite pet portrait ]

well… I think I got all of 5 votes in that contest, but I realize on-line artcontests like that are not really geared towards art, it’s more like who has the most friends to vote for them. I’m not that popular, so I can’t even expect to be in a close running with these people. *sigh* Besides I wasn’t really happy with my entry… I was too wrapped up in my commission, to have really even entered. I only entered because I had initally said I was, and thought I should just go ahead and do something. >.< oh well… The entry I thought should have been the winner only came in either second or third.

… as I trudge on…

Found some old artwork while I was cleaning… (yeah I’m finally moving from the living room to my studio, it’s only taken 2 years for me to get organized… Actually, sitting on the floor in the living room drawing and painting, is killing my back.)

At the time of these drawings, I was working in the comicbook store and was heavily into small press comics. (Northstar, Anubis, Calibre etc.)

(1995) heavily influenced by mr obarr at the time, and it’s soooo apparent.

(1997) yeah, I know that leg looks strange. o.O It might be a fake leg just standing on it’s own next to her. And her horns are a bit excessive, like the grinches little dog with his one gianomous antler.

oh yeah… I’ve finally found a decent internet radio station. Yeah it’s trance… I find it very soothing =)