Found some old artwork while I was cleaning… (yeah I’m finally moving from the living room to my studio, it’s only taken 2 years for me to get organized… Actually, sitting on the floor in the living room drawing and painting, is killing my back.)

At the time of these drawings, I was working in the comicbook store and was heavily into small press comics. (Northstar, Anubis, Calibre etc.)

(1995) heavily influenced by mr obarr at the time, and it’s soooo apparent.

(1997) yeah, I know that leg looks strange. o.O It might be a fake leg just standing on it’s own next to her. And her horns are a bit excessive, like the grinches little dog with his one gianomous antler.

oh yeah… I’ve finally found a decent internet radio station. Yeah it’s trance… I find it very soothing =)