This is just a bit of what I’ve been upto lately.
Last year I bought a book called ‘the great american pin-up’ Jess and I were talking about what I should do with it… so here’s my first Pin-up Style Faerie’



[yeah, I know it’s a tiger lily, but all the same]
Mediums Used: Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencil, Glitter gel pen, and Opalescent Acrylic (on the wings).

I’d like to get it sold as quickly as possible without going thru ebay.

Price is 50.00 including shipping

It comes in a 5×7 Clear Sealing Bag (adhesive strip on the bag and not the flap) and an acid free matt board backing, and has been sprayed with a clear non yellowing fixative.

I’m working on one more, hopefully to be done soon!