Opening Reception @ Echo

All in all it was fun, I was seriously nervous. Me being my usual worry-wart self kept imagining that my work got stuck in some back room where no one would see it. When we walked in I was surprised that it was right in the front!

I saw Christopher Shy’s work (but, I think the work that’s there is permanently.), Chad Wards work, and a few other’s I recognized but now can’t remember their names. >.< I just wish I would have known more people to have talked to them… I was really happy when Chad Savage arrived, he was so much fun. I'm really glad to finally have met him. Then to my surprise Sofie came in (Nigel’s other half. ) then we ended up talking to quite a few people. =) =) I met Amul, the finger jewlery (aka metal talons) he had on were fantastic, I should have gotten a picture. >.< I just loved talking art with him, and Chad. I really really wish Chelle could have come in for this… it would have been great, since “Lily” was there, and was getting lots of comments. There are two more receptions/events I’m going to try to attend.

I was however disappointed that they completely forgot me on the post cards. =( I wasn’t mentioned at all. so… I didn’t take any… But. I am on the printable one from the internet. I guess I’ll just go ahead and print those off, and send those out, I wish I would have known, then I could have sent them to Kasra, & Jane ahead of time. =(

My work on Display

Derek was snapping pictures like crazy, so look here for when they update the site with the Halloween Exhibition 10-29-2005.

a response from my Artwork Sales Entry

Why don’t you get a regular job like the rest of us instead of begging people for their money? Will you take $2.00 for the Christmas Elf – I think my 5 year old daughter might like it.

Posted by Anonymous to it’s an art type thing… at 10/28/2005 11:12:30 AM

I hate cowards.

First off, it’s not an elf, you’re an idiot for saying so.
Second, it’s my blog I can write whatever I want, if you don’t like it go somewhere else and whine.
Lastly, if you are not adult enough to sign your name to something you wrote, you should not be reading blogs, and leaving messages.

Tuesday Art Offerings…

Original Paintings: (I’m currently working on a 9×12 I hope to have done by tonight)
5×7.25 Watercolor & Ink on Montval 140lb paper.

starting price is only 25.00** IF the ending price reaches the buy now or over, I’ll throw in free shipping.**

11×17 Prints
My prints are hiqh quality digital reproductions printed on Mohawk 60lb paper. Each print is signed by the artist and comes with an 11×17 UV protective clear sealing sleeve (adhesive on back and not the flap) with an acid free mat board for backing. (one per print)

The entire listing can be viewed [ HERE ].

Something’s a miss in the land of Deviant Art.

Earlier I was looking thru today’s daily deviations, and I’ve noticed that the people who pick the daily deviations are giving praise to people who don’t draw their own work, but trace photographs and shade it in. Or take photographs of models or toys and recolor them in photoshop. Do a Photoshop Rendering of a photo off the internet or from a magazine, doing the rendering right over the photo, then deleting the photo. Or even taking a photo from the internet/magazine and only appling filters and claming to have drawn it.

I’m just so sick of it, ya know? When an artist that spends a lot of time actually drawing something, and shows real creativity, without tracing, without copying, goes unnoticed, while someone who’s not putting forth as much effort gets all the praise is just beyond wrong. The wrong backs are being patted, where’s the incentive to strive to do better when someone can just trace or copy and get the same kind of recognition?

Where’s the originality? where the creativity? where’s the effort? it’s all missing.

I posted it in my journal at DA I’m sure I’ll get some flaming bags of poo there… but hey… it’s happening too much, I’m only voicing what I know alot of people are thinking.

Tuesday Print Offerings…

Only 4 this week… I have 4 paintings that I will be listing tomrrow.
[ if I get them done tonight, i’ll post them here first ]
The following week I should have more Autumn Themed Faery Prints available.

Models: ‘Nuca’ is the beautiful Keiko of, and ‘Spider Queen’ is my best friend Chelle.

Any problems viewing the links on the images, please click [ HERE ]

World of Warcraft Fan Art

it’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of Fan Art…

Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep… my brain was working overtime trying to come up with a good design for my WoW fan art… and since my druid was my very first character, and I just love playing in catform… I drew this while watching AVP. I think it has some potential…

Yes, I’m a WoW junkie… so are many other’s you wouldn’t have thought are… I confest to having a lvl 56 hunter, a lvl 44 druid and lvl 45 rogue.