Something’s a miss in the land of Deviant Art.

Earlier I was looking thru today’s daily deviations, and I’ve noticed that the people who pick the daily deviations are giving praise to people who don’t draw their own work, but trace photographs and shade it in. Or take photographs of models or toys and recolor them in photoshop. Do a Photoshop Rendering of a photo off the internet or from a magazine, doing the rendering right over the photo, then deleting the photo. Or even taking a photo from the internet/magazine and only appling filters and claming to have drawn it.

I’m just so sick of it, ya know? When an artist that spends a lot of time actually drawing something, and shows real creativity, without tracing, without copying, goes unnoticed, while someone who’s not putting forth as much effort gets all the praise is just beyond wrong. The wrong backs are being patted, where’s the incentive to strive to do better when someone can just trace or copy and get the same kind of recognition?

Where’s the originality? where the creativity? where’s the effort? it’s all missing.

I posted it in my journal at DA I’m sure I’ll get some flaming bags of poo there… but hey… it’s happening too much, I’m only voicing what I know alot of people are thinking.

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