Opening Reception @ Echo

All in all it was fun, I was seriously nervous. Me being my usual worry-wart self kept imagining that my work got stuck in some back room where no one would see it. When we walked in I was surprised that it was right in the front!

I saw Christopher Shy’s work (but, I think the work that’s there is permanently.), Chad Wards work, and a few other’s I recognized but now can’t remember their names. >.< I just wish I would have known more people to have talked to them… I was really happy when Chad Savage arrived, he was so much fun. I'm really glad to finally have met him. Then to my surprise Sofie came in (Nigel’s other half. ) then we ended up talking to quite a few people. =) =) I met Amul, the finger jewlery (aka metal talons) he had on were fantastic, I should have gotten a picture. >.< I just loved talking art with him, and Chad. I really really wish Chelle could have come in for this… it would have been great, since “Lily” was there, and was getting lots of comments. There are two more receptions/events I’m going to try to attend.

I was however disappointed that they completely forgot me on the post cards. =( I wasn’t mentioned at all. so… I didn’t take any… But. I am on the printable one from the internet. I guess I’ll just go ahead and print those off, and send those out, I wish I would have known, then I could have sent them to Kasra, & Jane ahead of time. =(

My work on Display

Derek was snapping pictures like crazy, so look here for when they update the site with the Halloween Exhibition 10-29-2005.