Ebay in the toilet again.

Well… it seems that ebay sales all around for artists in general have hit the toilet again. I know ebay is the worst possible place for an artist to try and sell their work. The joke about ebay among serious artists is that it’s for bargin basement hunter. Which is why it’s so hard for us to try and hack out a living there, even if it is only between exhibits and shows.

With that, since sales have been pathetically non-existant for the last 3 months. No more ebay artwork listings. I can’t afford to dump money into ebay only to not sell a damned thing.

All prints sales can be found directly on my website. I have also started selling originals here: Home Town Gallery, granted they take a 30% cut, but it’s better than selling work for dirt cheap on ebay when realistically it should sell for more.

With the events of this past weekend, not much really got done. 1 step forward 23 steps backwards…

1. Anything that was supposed to go out Satuday (Jane, Maya and Dar), hasn’t gone out. the vehicle I was driving, the battery went and died. seriously dead. Tomorrow i’m hoping to have that replaced, and if all goes well, everything should be headed to the post office wednesday.

2. I had to reinstall windows, so… the only thing I have at the moment is… IE. (internet explorer) I can access my mail thru the web interface at comcast. so if anyone has any questions, you can contact me directly thru my website.

3. I have 3 new paintings done, but I have no way of scanning them or listing them on ebay. Hopefully by wednesday I’ll have most of my programs reinstalled so I can get these little treasures listed.

As Jace always says ‘Onward and Upward’.

Saturday… Ebay & Echo Reception #2

Echo: Don’t forget tonight (November 5th, 2005) @ 8pm is Echo’s 2nd Opening Reception. It’s only ONE dollar to get in, and that goes to a very good cause. Unfortunately I will not be there, I have family stuff to attend to tonight. =( I’m guessing it’s another costume event, since *Creative Attire is Encouraged*.

Ebay: I decided to switch my listing days, and length of time for my auctions – from 3days to 5 days, still ending on Thursday, so that items can be still shipped on Saturday afternoon. to view the listings, click [ here ]

On my print auctions: I am now offering free shipping to the US if you purchase two or more prints from my auctions.

Monday or Tuesday I should have pretties done for listing.