No More Ebay… I refuse.

After a week of e-mailling ebay to try and get a negative feed back resolved. Basically the customer had no grounds to leave me a negative; Ebay calls this ‘Retaliatitory Feedback’. She gave me the run around for 3 weeks promising to pay. She didn’t read my terms, she was argumentive over paying with paypal (which she refused to do). She was slow to respond to any messages. I gave her a specific date to have the payment in to me, if I hadn’t received it by that date, the item would be relisted, and sold. I also said, if her payment should come in I will refuse it, since it’s been relisted. I gave her every opportunity, I was very courteous, and polite in every communication. She claimes I hounded her… I looked back at my messages she only received 6 messages from me in 3.5 weeks. I don’t consider that hounding especially since I didn’t e-mail her till 5 days after the auction closed and she was obviously the winner.

Anyway… I realize that Ebay cannot censor another users comments, but I have a problem with this; How can one leave true and accurate feedback for a buyer that has gone out of their way to screw up a transaction that would have other wise went smoothly if they would have only followed the rules. Where’s the inncentive to leave accurate feed back when you have to worry about retaliatitory feedback, not only that but in the responses they start putting in are untrue statements making it seem like they’re the victim. This compromises the integrity of the feedback forum for everyone.
Basically eBay wants nothing to do with regulating feedback or the integrity of the comments left. Is that a place you really want to sell your artwork at? Is that a place you want to run your business?

I’ve been finding that most people are rude, and want something for nothing. They have no idea what the real worth of art is. Most people think it should be given away or sold for far less. I have to tell you, I spend far too long on paintings to won’t go for anymore than 50.00 on ebay. They don’t just magically appear.

With that… I refuse to sell on ebay. (but… I will be doing some wearable art that will be sold directly thru: Psychodollie’s Toy Box.)

Here are links where you may find my artwork: Gothic Auctions, Hometown Gallery, Art By, and ofcourse… directly from my website.

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