Watercolor & Gouache on R114 Crescent Watercolor Board.

Facial Detail can be viewed [ here ]

This piece is more of a visual play on an old addage ‘never bite the hand that feeds you‘… Subconsciously, I think it has more to do with me. The bulk of my artwork sales are (or used to be) the Faery Fans…. I don’t classify myself as a Faery Artist because, I have darker thoughts, and tend to let myself be lured into the darker recesses of my imagination… as in Sairina, Neglijare or even Angel, it’s subtle, not directly in your face, kind of darkness. I may loose some fans or lookers because of what kind of art I really like to do. THIS kind of art is where my heart truely lies. Which is why I need to do more of this darker stuff…

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