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it’s been almost 3 years and I’m still finding these image all over the place…

I wish people would understand that if they did not draw it or if they didn’t get the expressed permission from the person that did draw it it’s not theirs to do as they please. It’s amazing that there are THAT many people who have no regards to the work of others. They feel they can do as they wish with what ever it is they want.

Geneseo Music & Craft Festival

Most likely this will be the ONLY craft show I’ll do again… I found out later on Saturday that Sturgis on the River in Davenport IA (which is really not far from Geneseo) is that same weekend and that they also come to see the craft show and the music festival. We had an awesome location, right near the center of the park, next to the band shell, and all of the food. Needless to say if I never smell funnel cakes, or kettle corn again I’ll be happy.

Saturday was a bit slow, I wasn’t sure if it was going to pan out, then right around 5pm we had a 15 min downpour… my worst fear of doing outdoor shows We hauled everything into the center of the tent… (I definitely need to look into getting the roll down tarps for my gazebo tent) Since it had rained it looked like the crowd drastically thinned out, so we decided to start packing up for the night (the show was officially over at 6, so we only packed up an hour early). We even took the tent down because the weather forecast called for some serious storms during the night, I wasn’t sure if my little gazebo tent would hold up. Besides after the rain it got seriously hot and humid.

Sunday was a complete turn around from Sunday, I was busy from the time I got there (people were coming to the spot before we were even fully set up) till about an hour and a half after. The festival ended at 4 but we didn’t start packing up till 530p. Just about everyone from Saturday that said that they were going to come back did… I was completely surprised by that. It was a really great festival, I met some really wonderful people and I definitely plan on going back next year. My booth got dubbed ‘The Gothic Art Booth’. =) If you like, you can go here to read Vickie’s blog entry about the festival. She and her family were at my booth they had bought quite a few prints but I really enjoyed talking to them. =) I’m really glad there are other’s just as geeky as I am out there in the world.

ICON (recap)

Overall, it wasn’t bad for a one day show, it was a lot smaller than I had expected, kinda reminded me of the ‘Diamond Monthly Show in Tyson’s Corner VA” which was a dealer show. At the end of our little area were these guys, they had 7 or 8 tables which was the entire end section. Next to me was Nino, and Laundry Detergent Man made an appearance. Right across from me was Larry Elmore, later on in the afternoon, he came over to my table and we talked for a while, he’s very talkative, but I’ve found that people from the south are very friendly and pleasant. Lots of people asked if I was going to be at Fallcon… and I said… I was planning on it. =)

[Before the show]
I-Con Before the Show I-Con Before the Show I-Con Before the Show

I-Con I-Con I-Con I-Con

ICON & Geneseo Music and Craft Festival

ICON is this weekend (June 10, 2006), it’s a one day show held at 501 Grand Ave in Des Moines IA.

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The following weekend (June 15-18, 2006)

Here’s what little info I could find on the Geneseo Music & Craft Festival:

I will be there on Saturday & Sunday for the craft show, I’m not sure where we’ll be (most likely I’ll be the only ‘Artist’ there)

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