6 days

count them, only 6 days left till Wizard World Chicago is upon us.
that means only 5 more days for me to get my stuffs finished.

Last night I got all 6 of my Mini’s/ACEO’s painted.
here’s a sneak peek…

still left to do:
refinish frames, cut mats, get 11×17 print ordered.
I’m really hoping to get it all done this year in time to actually get to preview night early enough to set up.

IF there’s time I have some other works I’d really like to have done for the show.

Celestial Fire Dragon

I swore that this year for Wizard World it’d be done and I’d have a shirt to wear (like I promised myself last year and the year before apparently) it’s… Done!!! =) You can see the final pencils (before I began painting it: HEREDAMN, I JUST realized that this painting has taken me almost exactly 2 years to complete. Hows that for dragging ones feet ona project?

I know the name is kinda lame, but I really couldn’t think of anything catchy or significant… I was thinking Qin, as in the first chinese dynasty, and how they believed that the emperors were directly related to dragons, but that seemed like a lame name too. Renamed to Celestial Fire after looking at my original DA entry I completely forgot what I had kinda called it, and with the colors I went with it, I think it’s fitting.

11×17 : $18.00
8.5×11: $15.00
22×28 : $29.99


now off to work on my entry for the Blizzard Fan Art Contest
I’m thinking of reworking this one to submit.

Why I Watermark…

Back sometime in 2004 or as early as 2003 my entire deviantArt gallery was ripped off, tubed and redistributed to the tagging community. I used to watermark small because I didn’t want to obstruct my work, but clearly that didn’t deter them from easily removing my watermark and any trace of my signature. I found my images everywhere, even IMVU where people were making money off of my artwork without my permission. Meanwhile my online went straight into the toilet.

So before you whine about watermarks, just remember even though YOU may not be an art thief, there are PLENTY out there that don’t care about copyright and will use ANY work they steal for their own means.

If you don’t watermark, you are only setting yourself up for thieves to take advantage of your gallery. Once it happens to you, you’ll change your mind about watermarks.

Wizard World Info, Chicagoland Z & Art Post Request

I just found out my artist alley table number is 3129, you can take a gander at the map here. Last year and all of the previous years we’ve been able to specify who we wanted to be seated next to, not this year, I think this new person that’s in charge is going to make a fisaco of it. Though, if table prices go as high as speculted for next year, this will be my last Wizard World, that is till AA prices come back down to a reasonable rate.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have 2 more paintings finished (of a darker nature, since my two most recent were of elves and faeries).

On a more interesting note… remember that chicagoland Z show I did this past spring? I got a thing in the mail and they’ve expanded it back to a 3 day show at the Dupage Expo Center. =) so I now have a 3 day local show for November.

Over the weekend I had a request to post some of my older bloody vampire art… so here they are, these were all done from about 1992-1999: