Why I Watermark…

Back sometime in 2004 or as early as 2003 my entire deviantArt gallery was ripped off, tubed and redistributed to the tagging community. I used to watermark small because I didn’t want to obstruct my work, but clearly that didn’t deter them from easily removing my watermark and any trace of my signature. I found my images everywhere, even IMVU where people were making money off of my artwork without my permission. Meanwhile my online went straight into the toilet.

So before you whine about watermarks, just remember even though YOU may not be an art thief, there are PLENTY out there that don’t care about copyright and will use ANY work they steal for their own means.

If you don’t watermark, you are only setting yourself up for thieves to take advantage of your gallery. Once it happens to you, you’ll change your mind about watermarks.

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