Original Artwork for Sale

I’m tired of ebay… I’m tired of their price hikes on listings and I refuse to give them anymore money.

Until I get my website done, I’ve created an entry at my personal livejournal to act as my original artwork sales page. —> Click HERE

IF you are interested and you don’t have a livejournal and cannot post a reply, please email me at voronde[at]comcast[dot]net.

Jadis fan art sketch

For those of you who don’t know… she was the White witch, self proclaimed Queen of Naria from “The Chronicles of Naria: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”

I know she was the bad guy… er… witch, but you can’t deny her costume was hellacool.

just a sketch at this point, no real plans for anything further.


What can I say? besides I still need to unpack, It was the most exciting show I’ve done, and I think the most work, so far. I made a lot of really important contacts, I met so many wonderful people, I spoke briefly to Todd, he was super busy, so I should be hearing from him either today or tomorrow. I got a wonderful response to my work, more so than at any comic con, or craft show I’ve done. I really really liked how the Art Show was set up, we didn’t have to bring any easels, they provided ‘pro boards’ were looked like carpeted partitions that you just put curtain hooks into to hang your work. verranice. I was located just within stale marshmallow shooting distance from the pirates… fun =) There were so many great costumes too! I met the lovely and talented Laura Pelick of Fallenlight.net, I guess in my flurry of getting ready I completely missed any indicators she was going to be there. It was such a lovely time! I bought some awsome quality elf ears… I’m telling you if you want realistic elf ears, these are the ones! They are flesh colored silicone, with fine red threads mixed in to simulate capilaries. Once they are they stay one for about two-three days – even thru showering and sleeping. I just looked on their website and they are not listed, it might be a con only type of thing… not sure. I’ll take pictures later.

Since doing this show was on such short notice, it had to be done on a shoe string budget. IF you ever have to stay overnight in Indianapolis stay very far away from the Motel 8 out on Southport road. Just take my advice on this one. =)


I think the most fun came on Sunday night… (I almost forgot, as Pat and I were making our way to meet the rest of the group at the restaurant, we ran into Steve from Ghosthunters, we chatted with him for a bit, he’s also managed thru Todd’s firm.) besides Pat and Myself, the group was: Nigel, Brian, Amul, Blue, Dave, I’m not really sure who else but, I should have pictures later of that. We decided to have dinner at a place called ‘the old spaghetti factory’. it started off in the bar upstairs and moved to the table, as it seemed, our own room at the restaurant. I started a drawing on a napkin in crayon, and passed it along… we all decided that it should go up on ebay as a charity auction. I’ll scan it here in a bit… (along with the paper placemat drawings Nigel and Brian did).

an now on to the pictures I took… I will be either snagging pics from other’s who took pictures or I’ll be posting links. =)

Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006 Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006

Gen-Con Indy 2006

It may not be a great work of art, but it was hellafun. I started off in blue, and the rules were to build on what the previous artist did, after it got back to the first artist, the color was then green, then on to red. (we were kinda limited to the crayola colors the restaurant had.) After it was finished, we all signed it, and decided to put it up on ebay, with all the proceeds going to charity. BUT first I have to get pictures from Amul, of us working on it.

A Hidden Gem

I would like to take this opportunity to plug my friend Bill‘s works. His book is called ‘Wha‘, it’s witty and full of parody’s. Lucious & Walter are just adorable. I haven’t had a chance to read ‘Expendable Teens‘ yet, he’s told me all about it, I bet it’s just as great as ‘Wha’.

so please… check out his stuff, and buy something.

>> Inkslinger Merchandise: “Wha” past issues & buttons

>> The Inkslinger @ Cafepress
bookmark this one, there is more great merchandise in the works.

>> Expendable Teens @ Cafepress

or you can commission him for an awsome rockhead of your choice or he can draw you as a rock head. =)

So check out his site and his wares, you won’t be disappointed.