Christmas Stuffs @ Cafepress

Well, it seems those Christmas dragons that I can see oh so clearly in my head just absolutely refuse to make their selves appear on paper… nope, not at all… so, IF by chance I can sneak up on them and draw them while they are not paying attention, I may have some jingle dragons before Christmas, but doubtfully.

Instead I bring to you one of Santa’s Workshop Helpers, she’s making sure there will be enough snow on Christmas Eve for Santa to deliver his gifts to the children of the world.

I have: shirts, cards and an ornament with her on it. Also I had worked one of my other Christmas images because it just wasn’t sitting well with me. Her name is Hollie… (as seen on the card below)

and don’t forget the sale on my prints will end Dec 31, 2006, after that they will go back to their regular price, and the only way you’ll get my prints at my sale prices is to visit me at one of my shows.

Happy Holidays!