at work…

This was my desk as of 730p last last night… was just finishing up the last of the poster cards.

I think it’s about time to save up for a new desk lamp, I’ve had my eye on one of those Daylight lamps from… After all, the lamp (not the bulb) is +20 years old. >.> littered on my desk as you can see, for markers, I use (in order of preference) Tria, Copic & Prismacolor. (plus the myriad of other pens, & pencils that populate my workspace) Anyway, before I can start on my next project, there are a few sketch card commissions to get out of the way, then it’s on to the Wizard of Oz cards.

After the holiday, I’m going to list on ‘evilbay’ an 11×14 portrait of Arwen (on that brown papers I’m so uber fond of) that I’m putting the finishing touches on. I’m going to wait till after the holiday because… anything I list now will end on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day… >.> Tho… I may wait till Wednesday/Thursday so that it ends the day after Christmas or so. I just hate wasting money on ebay for stuff to not sell…

and… Cards have been sent out, so hopefully everyone will get their before Christmas…

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