Motor City 2007 – recap

Well, Motor City Comic Con, is now over and done with. At first, we thought we had a good location, on the end, not far from the 501st Legion of Detroit, but as the weekend wore on, we began to think otherwise. I still think the curtains dividing the rows drastically cuts down on traffic. It seems every year my display gets bigger and bigger, this year I had to split my prints into two binders. With all of the talent MCCC paid for, they cut costs on their program… there was no map this year.

I got to meet Major Victory, Fat Mama, Corin Nemec, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating. I found out that ‘Michael’ (the wraith that they turned human) will be on a few more episodes of SG Atlantis. They were all so wonderful! I’m so glad I got to meet Major Victory, I really wanted him to win ‘Who Wants to be a Super Hero’, I drew a sketch card for him and he gave me a piece of his original costume from the show. *is a happy fan girl* I gave a print of Lament to Corin because I didn’t have enough time to do a sketch card for him, he was very pleased, I didn’t know he was an artist too. I really hope he comes to Chicago for the SG1 Con.

I had a blast Saturday night we went to the after show party with Art, Franko, Jimmy (the muscle), Tim, and Jeff. Pat and I saw Dominc Keating there, though he denies it, but we are pretty sure it was him, we got there early like around 9ish, and saw him at the same table as ‘Tweaky’. In the bar, we watched Karaoke, one of Lou Ferrigno’s friends did a song, he got up and announced him. =) I think the best part of that was when one of Tim’s friends got up and did Bohemian Rhapsody, pretty much the entire bar joined in.

Now… Random show pictures…

Next Show… 39th Annual Geneseo Music & Craft Festival – June 15-17, 2007