Geneseo Music & Craft Festival (Recap* … Also ChicagolandZ

This is the only craft show I enjoy doing. The temp’s this weekend were HOT, HOT, HOT… but we had a nice shady spot. The crowd was wonderful, it was great seeing people I had met from last year. Thank you so much for stopping by to talk to me, and if you purchased a print, many many thanks! And a very special thank you goes out to the new owner of Gandalf & Gollum, 2 of my 6 returned cards from Topps.

ChicagolandZ: I wasn’t going to, but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway, mainly because it’s only going to cost 45.00, I swear the info I got in the mail months ago said 150.00, which is why I wasn’t going to do it. Anyway, it’s this weekend (June 22, 23, & 24) but I’ll only be there on Saturday & Sunday.

Which means… I have a print order to put in, and I need to get my table banner laminated. O_o I’m glad this one is so close, I hate dumping my cats on my parents again.

more details here:

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