Kinko’s Ain’t Nothing but a Migraine

You wonder… if it’s standard procedure for Kinko’s to hire jerks to run their stores? It seems every single time I go in to have work done, their employees feel the need to tell me my business or tell me what I can or cannot do with the items being produced, or god forbid they have to do a little work and want to charge me extra because my files are not arranged in order on my disk.

This was the last straw, I have officially fired Kinko’s from my list of vendors. There is only so much crap a freelance illustrator can put up with from someone who’s supposed to be working for me.

So my advice to any freelance artists and illustrator out there is..

Save yourself the headache, avoid Kinko’s at all costs, and find a REAL PRINTER to have your work printed and or laminated.

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