on the subject of sketch cards…

While at GenCon, I made the decision, that after I finish my current two sketch card jobs, I will not be actively looking for sketch card work. I feel like this past year I’ve been side tracked from my original goals, there just hasn’t been enough time for any new artwork to add to my portfolio, and I’ve noticed a decline in my print sales… I need to get back on track.

So, looking forward… by Convention Season next year I’m hoping to have tons of new work… a new series of mini paintings & mini prints, cellphone charms, necklaces, notecards and bookmarks. Several large paintings have already been planned out (18×24 – yes, for those who have been patiently waiting… ‘Adament‘). I also have set aside time to add my prints back to my website. And my sister and I have some wearable ideas we need to toss around more. It’s all good stuff.

The most important thing is I need to get back to my original goals… getting into the Gaming Industry and merchandising my OWN work.