Trying a new auction site… because I think ebay gives off bad ju-ju with their proposed new plan starting May 1. I know they aren’t about the individual or small business anymore, but seriously we need to go where we can still sell instead of just paying to list and never selling.

–> Ebay announced an across the board reduction in listing fees. What really happened? They dropped the listing fees by as little as a nickel and raised the Final Value Fees by up to 67%

–>Best Match Searching ….if you get a few negs, or a few hits on your DSR’s you will still pay the same to have your auctions listed but Ebay will keep you at the back of the search results so your auctions aren’t seen.

so I’ve registered with eBid to test the waters…

Ron Weasley hand painted Sketch Card: http://us.nine.ebid.net/perl/auction.cgi/1209588947-25356-0
one of my Marilyn Monore Rejected Samples: http://us.ten.ebid.net/perl/auction.cgi/1209589849-25755-1


if this is all really true, it’s very disheartening to say the least.

Today the House and Senate sent us draft copies of the new Orphan Works Act of 2008. They haven’t officially released it yet, but we’ve been told the Senate will do so this week. A quick analysis confirms our worst fears and our early warnings. If these proposals are enacted into law, all the work you have ever done or will do could be orphaned and exposed to commercial infringement from the moment you create it.

You’ve probably already heard Mark Simon’s webcast interview with Brad Holland. If not, please listen to it at:

Then forget the spin you’ve heard from backers of this bill. This radical proposal, now pending before Congress, could cost you your past and future copyrights.

The Illustrators’ Partnership is currently working with our attorney – in concert with the other 12 groups in the American Society of Illustrators Partnership to have our voices – and yours – heard in Congress. We’ll keep you posted regarding how you can do your part.

Please forward this information to every creative person and group you know. Mr. Holland and Mr. Simon have given their permission for this audio file to be copied and transferred and replayed.

For additional information about Orphan Works developments, go to the IPA Orphan Works Resource Page for Artists

Colorful Illustrations 93°C – Please DO NOT buy this book!

Reposted in part from Apefluff.com

Last week a British illustrator called Jonathan Edwards informed me that he had come across a book that contained his illustrations along with other illustrators work. He contacted me because the book is also riddled with interviews that he recognized as being the interviews I conducted for the LCS.

Today I received a copy of the book (costing me $100) and to my horror it has plagiarized the art blog. This has left me deeply upset! ( Read More…)


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So, here’s a super crappy way to start your day.

Yesterday, my pal Darren Di Lieto, from The Little Chimp Society website, emailed with some upsetting news. Turns out someone scraped the contents of his website and published it into a 350-page book being sold online for $100. You can read more on this post in Darren’s blog.

This book — which reprints without permission several dozen artist interviews which Darren had posted on the LCS blog — transcribes these interviews word-for-word, including the artwork, and was “published” under the title “Colorful Illustrations 93°C”. The book even includes a CD with all the illustrations from the book, all lifted off the site as well. Here’s a link to a gallery of scans that Darren made of each page of the book, with a close-up below of one of the two spreads which feature the interview Darren did of me (I can’t help but notice the thieves omitted the illustration of the two big gay muscle Daddies, chickens!): ( Read More… )

Summer Commissions Special

This special will run through the end of August (2008).

$30.00 per Watercolor Personal Sketch Card, or TWO for 50.00.

Samples can be seen [ HERE ]

Priority Mail: US is 4.00 (with free Tracking & Insurance) & International is $9.00
Each card is shipped in an Acrylic Screwdown.

Make sure you have references for the characters/people you want painted. You can email me :cpersampieri (at) gmail (dot) com

Orphaned Works Bill

ok, after all of the hubb-bubb… I’m not sure if the article that was being passed around was aimed to cause an uprise of panicky artists or what…

take a read: http://news.deviantart.com/article/46375/
also the bill itself: http://www.copyright.gov/fedreg/2005/70fr3739.html

Still it’s important to watermark you work with:
© or (c) your name, all rights reserverd, year
Web address of your gallery or gallery account.

what’s been going on…

Well since my last post a lot has happened… at the beginning of the year my pc died a horrible death. I finally got paid for those Marilyn Cards which funded the replacement pc.

Mostly I’ve been working on getting ready for show season. =) Last year I had spent so much time working on cards that I had NO new work to offer for prints, which left me terribly high and dry at the shows, barely making back my table fees. Last year was NOT a good year to say the least.

My current Painting Sneek Peek:
All of the colors are much lighter than they appear in this picture. I’m hoping when I scan it the colors will be truer.

I was doubting the skintone on the face, till I started working in the details. I was thinking of giving her black hair, but now that I look at it, i’m leaning towards white hair instead. The rest of her dress and her wings will be dark (mostly black, the brocade on her corset will be shades of red). and I think the white will be a nice contrast.

I’m still open for commissions. If you’re interested please check out my rates [ here ].