Trying a new auction site… because I think ebay gives off bad ju-ju with their proposed new plan starting May 1. I know they aren’t about the individual or small business anymore, but seriously we need to go where we can still sell instead of just paying to list and never selling.

–> Ebay announced an across the board reduction in listing fees. What really happened? They dropped the listing fees by as little as a nickel and raised the Final Value Fees by up to 67%

–>Best Match Searching ….if you get a few negs, or a few hits on your DSR’s you will still pay the same to have your auctions listed but Ebay will keep you at the back of the search results so your auctions aren’t seen.

so I’ve registered with eBid to test the waters…

Ron Weasley hand painted Sketch Card: http://us.nine.ebid.net/perl/auction.cgi/1209588947-25356-0
one of my Marilyn Monore Rejected Samples: http://us.ten.ebid.net/perl/auction.cgi/1209589849-25755-1

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