Motor City [Recap]

I’m so glad they changed artist alley BACK to the way it used to be in the old building. Being hidden in the curtains, and placed throughout the show was just horrible. There was a drastic increase in foot traffic. =) Had tons of fun, talked to many MANY people. Mostly we hung out with Art & Jimmy (since they are our home town homies). Because this show was far better than the last two shows, I will be attending next year. But… if next year sucks, the following year I’ll be joining Nigel at Acen!

Friday was a super awesome day, sold lots (Friday’s are almost NEVER that busy), I was soooo tired and giggly, I was running on Red Bull & Revive Vitamin Water. After dinner, Art was trying to get us to go see Iron Man, I refused because I knew just as soon as the lights dimmed I’d be dead asleep.

Saturday morning came around all too soon, but we were up and out the door, ate breakfast at a diner called Rosewood. (They have an AWESOME Breakfast Menu). Once they let people into the show I was super busy! O_O it was fun, there wasn’t a dull moment. My husband went and got me Billy Dee’s autograph, which completes the Empire Strikes Back picture I had started a few years ago. Just after he got it some guy in line offered him 250.00 for the pic. =)

We went to dinner at the usual Mongolian BBQ, it was Art, Jimmy, Nigel, Marie, Ken (Radioactive Man & Futurama Comics) Wheaton, Jimmy (Zombie Bob gets a Job) Proctor, Mike Bocianowski, Pat & Myself. After dinner Nigel & Marie went to the party, while the rest of us found a theater and saw IRON MAN. O_O OMG it was an awesome movie. I’ve never been a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. but Hell he was fantastic! A few weeks ago (maybe even a month ago) I had read a really interesting article on him, I was impressed with his outlook and his ability to laugh at his past. I believe this could be a major step for him, I hope he stays sober because he was brilliant.

Sunday was kinda slow, as are most Sundays. But none the less it was lots of fun, that’s when I get out to see the show.

So many awesome people stopped by, talked briefly to Katie and Andy Price, I also talked to Greg and Eric from The Pullbox. I bought some prints from Mike. I made it over to take pictures of the Monkee’s car and bought myself one of [ these ] but a small one that goes on my bookbag.



Call to Action
Last Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed their Orphan Works Act. It is now headed for the full Senate.

If you’ve written before, now’s the time to write again.
Urge your senator to oppose this bill.

Because it has been negotiated behind closed doors, introduced on short notice and fast-tracked for imminent passage without open hearings, ask that this bill not be passed until it can be exposed to an open, informed and transparent public debate.

We’ve drafted a special letter for this purpose.
You can deep link to it here:
Contact your Senator in opposition to S.2913 NOW

The House Judiciary Committee is considering H.R. 5889, the companion bill now.
Please write them again:
Contact your Congressman in opposition to H.R. 5889 NOW

2 minutes is all it takes to write your senator and representatives and fight for your copyrights. Over 68,000 e-mail messages have been sent so far.

Don’t Let Congress Orphan Your Work

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

Rescuing Orphan Works


Some backers of the controversial Orphan Works bill say they’re launching a campaign to “Rescue Orphan Works.”

From whom?

We’re not the ones interested in infringing other people’s copyrights.
We’re only interested in protecting our own.
If the “Rescue Orphan Works” folks really want to use only true orphaned work, they’d join us in asking that this bill be drafted accordingly.
From our written statement submitted to the Senate April 30, 2008

We believe the orphan works problem can be and should be solved with carefully crafted, specific limited exemptions.

• An exemption could be tailored to solve family photo restoration and reproduction issues.

• Usage for genealogy research is probably already covered by fair use, but could rate an exemption if deemed necessary.

• Limited exemptions could be designed for documentary filmmakers.

• Libraries and archives already have generous exemptions for their missions. However, if they believe they need expanded access to work whose authors are hard to find, we’d suggest that Congress adopt a variant of the Orphan Works clearance system in use in Canada.

Canada has created a statutory licensing scheme that allows licenses for the use of published works to be issued by the Copyright Board of Canada on behalf of unlocatable copyright owners.

The license is issued by the Canadian Copyright Board. Decisions are made on a case-by- case basis through application to the Board. If the Board is satisfied by the applicant’s efforts of e-mails, phone calls, written correspondence, approaches to copyright collectives, Internet searches, etc., then it may issue a non-exclusive license which is valid only in Canada, subject to any terms and conditions it sees fit.

A system such as this would serve potential users of orphaned work by allowing them to clear rights in an orderly, verified way. Therefore we respectfully ask that the Senate conduct further hearings to resolve the specific problem of providing public access to true orphaned works. Our objections to S.2913 – which incorporates the proposals made by the Copyright Office – is that its effects cannot be limited to old or abandoned copyrights.

There’s no need to “rescue orphan works” from artists.
And you don’t save orphans by making new ones!

Help solve the real orphan works problem: Don’t Let Congress Orphan Your Work

2 minutes is all it takes to write Congress and protect your copyright:

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

Orphan Works: Behind the Talking Points

just to show you how the US Government likes to ‘play’ with words… read.

Backers of the Orphan Works bill are circulating their Talking Points:

“Neither the House nor the Senate drafts of the bill contain the word “registries,” [they write] but rather they require users to search non-governmental databases of copyrighted works. The purpose of any database is not meant to take the place of copyright registration, but to have a way to search for visual images. Any participation in such a database would be voluntary.”

But this doesn’t mean what it appears to say. Take it point by point:

Talking Point #1: “Neither the House nor the Senate drafts of the bill contain the word ‘registries.’ ”
Response: Correct. They contain the word “databases,” a synonym:

Registry: register: an official written record of names or events or transactions

Database: A database is a structured collection of records or data

Q: Why a synonym?
A: Because international copyright law forbids member countries to impose registries as a condition of protecting copyrights: Berne/Article 5(2) ”The enjoyment and the exercise of these rights shall not be subject to any formality.”

In other words, if they used the word “registries” in the bills, it would be a red flag to other countries that the US is flirting with non-compliance with international treaties.

Talking Point #2: “…rather they [the bills] require users to search non-governmental databases of copyrighted works.” Response: Non-governmental databases” means databases maintained in the private sector.
For users to find your work in these commercial databases, your work would first have to be in the database.
Work not in the database would be orphaned.

Talking Point #3: “Any participation in such a database would be voluntary.”
Response: Congress cannot pass a bill making registration mandatory because that would violate Berne/Article 5(2).
And that would state explicitly to other countries that the US no longer intends to honor its international agreements.
There are red flags all over these talking points.

Summing up: The Orphan Work bills would mandate the creation of registries by commercial interests. You would not be legally forced to place your work with these for-profit registries.
But failure to do so would orphan your work.

The deceptive talking points accompanying this bill are another red flag.

— Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators’ Partnership

Take Action/ Write Congress

Over 37,000 messages have been sent from the site in the last 48 hours. Please spread the word.

Please forward or post this announcement in its entirety to any interested party.

Feebay Customer Support is a JOKE!

A few days ago I paid my sellers fees at feebay. I entered the amount I wanted to pay (from my current invoice and not the new fees that are not invoiced for yet), and selected ‘pay’… but the confirmation said I paid the entire amount.

I write to Feebay telling them my problem and how to fix it.

Your payment page is broken, I logged in to pay my sellers fees, I entered the amount I wanted to pay which was 33.57 (MY CURRENT INVOICE), and entered my information, and clicked the process button, but instead of it taking only the amount I specified, it took the ENTIRE AMOUNT out of my account. Being a business, I can only pay the current invoice. Please refund the difference.

And for whatever reason, customer service writes me and he/she couldn’t understand my problem. Maybe they outsource to a non-English speaking country, or maybe they employ trained chimps to man their customer service stations? Who the hell knows? Rest assured, I will not be selling on feebay unless it’s my last resort.