Feebay Customer Support is a JOKE!

A few days ago I paid my sellers fees at feebay. I entered the amount I wanted to pay (from my current invoice and not the new fees that are not invoiced for yet), and selected ‘pay’… but the confirmation said I paid the entire amount.

I write to Feebay telling them my problem and how to fix it.

Your payment page is broken, I logged in to pay my sellers fees, I entered the amount I wanted to pay which was 33.57 (MY CURRENT INVOICE), and entered my information, and clicked the process button, but instead of it taking only the amount I specified, it took the ENTIRE AMOUNT out of my account. Being a business, I can only pay the current invoice. Please refund the difference.

And for whatever reason, customer service writes me and he/she couldn’t understand my problem. Maybe they outsource to a non-English speaking country, or maybe they employ trained chimps to man their customer service stations? Who the hell knows? Rest assured, I will not be selling on feebay unless it’s my last resort.