Motor City [Recap]

I’m so glad they changed artist alley BACK to the way it used to be in the old building. Being hidden in the curtains, and placed throughout the show was just horrible. There was a drastic increase in foot traffic. =) Had tons of fun, talked to many MANY people. Mostly we hung out with Art & Jimmy (since they are our home town homies). Because this show was far better than the last two shows, I will be attending next year. But… if next year sucks, the following year I’ll be joining Nigel at Acen!

Friday was a super awesome day, sold lots (Friday’s are almost NEVER that busy), I was soooo tired and giggly, I was running on Red Bull & Revive Vitamin Water. After dinner, Art was trying to get us to go see Iron Man, I refused because I knew just as soon as the lights dimmed I’d be dead asleep.

Saturday morning came around all too soon, but we were up and out the door, ate breakfast at a diner called Rosewood. (They have an AWESOME Breakfast Menu). Once they let people into the show I was super busy! O_O it was fun, there wasn’t a dull moment. My husband went and got me Billy Dee’s autograph, which completes the Empire Strikes Back picture I had started a few years ago. Just after he got it some guy in line offered him 250.00 for the pic. =)

We went to dinner at the usual Mongolian BBQ, it was Art, Jimmy, Nigel, Marie, Ken (Radioactive Man & Futurama Comics) Wheaton, Jimmy (Zombie Bob gets a Job) Proctor, Mike Bocianowski, Pat & Myself. After dinner Nigel & Marie went to the party, while the rest of us found a theater and saw IRON MAN. O_O OMG it was an awesome movie. I’ve never been a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. but Hell he was fantastic! A few weeks ago (maybe even a month ago) I had read a really interesting article on him, I was impressed with his outlook and his ability to laugh at his past. I believe this could be a major step for him, I hope he stays sober because he was brilliant.

Sunday was kinda slow, as are most Sundays. But none the less it was lots of fun, that’s when I get out to see the show.

So many awesome people stopped by, talked briefly to Katie and Andy Price, I also talked to Greg and Eric from The Pullbox. I bought some prints from Mike. I made it over to take pictures of the Monkee’s car and bought myself one of [ these ] but a small one that goes on my bookbag.


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