Origins [recap]

We had a rather rocky start, kinda spun a bad vibe for me for the rest of the weekend. When we first arrived, we were really lost, so I called Laura (the asst director) to try and figure out where we could unload, I was a little shocked when Thesser answered since I was expecting a woman’s voice… he was awesome, he sent a volunteer with a cart to help me out. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I got to finally meet Andy Hopp (who was also the guest of honor) if you ever get the chance to meet him, he’s a whirlwind of fun.

Over all it was a decent show, smaller than what I though it was. Next year I need to rethink my layout… I definitely need something on the end of my table to draw people in, much like I ended up doing for Tim’s booth… too many people passed right by me without glancing in. >.it’s all good stuff.

I had a ton of fun with Tim & Mike, Columbus is Beautiful, and that North Market is awesome.

Andy was pimping the hell out of his Con on the Cob, which sounds really fun, but I’m not sure if it’d be worth it for us to drive all the way out there… But it all depends on the outcome of GenCon, and what else there is here that I can do locally.

The entire Origins Art Show Staff was just an awesome bunch!

I know there are more pictures of me, the group photo and several candid shots taken by the origins photographer, that will eventually show up on the Origins website… I’ll post them once they are up.


Tim has 7 days to live… Left to Right: Tim Lantz & Mike Bocianowski @ Ted’s Montana Grill (btw, they have awesome Bison Meatloaf!)

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My Booth:

The tables were much smaller than I’m used to, and I had to set Maya’s stuff up in her own little spot.

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My Art Contest Entries:

At first I wasn’t going to enter, because I spent all of my high school and college year in formal competition, for me that’s something you do when you’re younger. But I changed my mind later on… and entered “Lament” in Best Color & “Jack & Jill” in Best Monochrome. To my surprise… Lament won First Place in Color and First Place in Fan Favorite. Jack & Jill came in Second. I was completely surprised by either placing as they did, and floored that Lament came in First for Fan Favorite. ^__^

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One one is a true commission (the half-elf with long black hair), the other was a donation. One of the other artists there is building a sketch book to be auctioned and the entire proceeds will go to the Columbus Children’s Hospital.