New Site on the Horizon.

For nearly the past year I’ve been getting the royal runaround from Comcast’s Customer Service and Tech Support, about my webpage server. During their ‘Big Server Upgrade’ it broke, meaning I wasn’t able to connect to it any longer with my FTP. Every time I’d call and put in a Service Ticket their Genius Technician’s would send an email to the email account testing it instead of the PWP server. O_o nearly a YEAR.

The past week I’ve been sending them nasty emails trying to get it resolved. Apparently the only FIX to the BROKEN servers is to use IE’s FTP function. I don’t use IE – not after my WoW account got hacked after a key logger got on my old pc because IE is NOT SECURE! I shouldn’t have to use IE when my FTP was working just fine, and it’s only on ONE account out of 4, that alone tells me it’s a SERVER PROBLEM, not my FTP.

Oh Well.. I’ve deleted the broken account and I have to start from scratch…. again.

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