This is more for my benefit than anything… seems to help if I write down my thoughts on what I’m doing and maybe get some input on what my artist friends think as well…

– – – – – – – –

Watching that video on Don Dos Santos yesterday did wonders for my muse… it was just the kick in the pants that I needed.

I’ve decided to pick this one back up and try to either start over, or work out the bumps in the road on the original…

The background as you can see is very dark… I know I didn’t think on my colors long enough and started painting it without any real idea of what I wanted to do. I originally painted it yellow ochre with shades of alizarin crimson, then realized that it was going to be too similar to Kirana. At this point my only choice was to make the background darker, so I chose paynes gray with lots of salt, as of now I’m really unsure if I like how it turned out… yeah it has a lot of interesting texture, but it also has a ton of salt residue that I can’t even scrub off. To me it seems too dark because there are going to be lots of dark colors, her hair will be black, along with her wings… the mask will be red/black & gold, her dress will be black/red gold… and of course the white skin. I could always slightly lighten the area around the figure with either acrylics or gouache… just so it pops a bit from the background…

Then… there’s the second one I started, I decided to go a little larger to fill up more of the white space, now I’m not so sure I like it larger. >.<

maybe I’ll just stare at it a bit longer to see if something hits me.

update: O_o had a thought… I should totally do some sort of celtic raven symbol in the background… simliar to Satori. I think that’s what the background needs, some sort of design element.

Site Updates

Still working away on my website, though this week I need to take a break I have some commissions to finish.

I haven’t actually uploaded my gallery pages yet, just so you don’t have to wait I put links to my deviant art gallery in the menu.

If you should have any questions please contact me.

Cafepress NO MORE…

I just closed my Cafepress, with their recent flagging of some of my work, I’ve decided to start looking elsewhere for my merchandise. I won’t get into the details, but I will say trying to talk to their customer service reps is like talking to a WALL. So, I’ve been looking at Zazzle and all of their merchandise and I think that may be where I end up setting up shop.

If anyone regularly shops at cafepress and you still see my work for sale please let me know so I can take appropriate action.

Stay Tuned.

Update: The Zazzle Shoppe appearance has been modified, now all I need to do is get the merchandise made… which will happen after I get my website all finished.

More Site Stuffs…

Now that I have most of the design ironed out, I can really dig in and get this site done and uploaded. As you can see the first page is up and has replaced that old holding place page. In the next week to week & 1/2 I’m hoping to have it done and off of my ‘to do’ list.

The only working navigation item is the link to my artblog, but stay tuned!

Website Workings… again….

Nobody needs to tell me just how badly I need to get my website done and up… that last design still had some huge problems I couldn’t fix plus I couldn’t get past that first page… there was so much space I didn’t know how I was going to fill up the rest of the pages… Then I started working on my journal design and had some nifty ideas… the link below is just a jpg idea put into a simple html so I can look at it in the browser; which gives me an idea of how it *might* look once I get it coded. And the coding as far as I can think should be really easy… mostly basic html, tables and some css styling.

check it out