Never Again…

I will never step foot inside another hobby lobby for as long as I live.

I’m tired of their inconsistency with their art supplies… they’ll carry a product ONE TIME then they’ll NEVER have that same product again, or they’ll have some other brand that is inferior to the original product. I have asked numerous times, if they can’t keep a constancy with their art supplies allow the customers to special order, and they refuse to even do that.

I went in there looking for watercolor board… nothing… not even illustration board. I had to ask and the girl I spoke with looked at me like I was speaking to her in a foreign language. To top it all off, I tried to return something I only bought a month (or so) ago… and they tried to tell me it was 3 years old… I said no that’s not right I bought it at the most a month and half ago… Granted I couldn’t find the receipt, but to say it’s 3 years old is just crazy, I even pointed out that it was marked cheaper than the others when I bought it. The manager took it back to compare it with the others and said what I had already told him, but refused to let me return it. It was all I could do to not yell at him for being stupid. So I told him “Fine, I will never shop in another Hobby Lobby” and left.

What really makes me mad about Hobby Lobby is that they choked out the ONLY REAL ART STORE in my area. So, Screw you Hobby Lobby… from now on I’ll be ordering ALL of my supplies from Dick

If you’ve had similar problems, don’t shop there anymore because to continue shopping there is only telling them that it’s ok for them to continue providing substandard products and service.