Spocks & Twittering

Some of you may have noticed (if you’ve been here in the last 24 hours) that I’m now on twitter. My loudtwitter posted the recent batch last night before I logged off, and this morning they were gone… I’m not sure why my twitter posts keep disappearing.

Anywho, here’s my twitter if you’d like to follow me:

Also since my twitterings have gone missing, here’s yesterdays sneakpeek at my Spock ACEO’s.

I should have them done today, and hopefully posted to ebay today too, if not they’ll be listed tomorrow morning.

These tweets are brought to you by the letter E :

  • 12:42 Sneaky peek of my spocks: tiny.cc/8P0Ae #
  • 13:07 testing… #
  • 13:41 @Anton trying to test out ping.fm to see if it hits everything… so far it wont update facebook. >.< #
  • 13:55 @Anton awesome #
  • 18:04 @ihartsnape whoa! you passed my rogue. #
  • 20:43 watching Howl’s Moving Castle, cooking dinner AND trying to paint on the Spocks. #

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