The proof is in the pudding:

  • sketchy doodle druid #warcraft #
  • @Anton Try this one: #
  • this week I’ll be working on more Felty Jesters for my SHOW next month. #
  • @to_paraphrase thank you! it’s The Geneseo Music & Craft Festival June 20-21. Then it’s GenCon Indy in August. #
  • @to_paraphrase 200 for a 4ft table is too much, + I barely broken even the past few years. #
  • @shadowfell I may join you. #
  • @to_paraphrase OooOOoooOooo I love that arting! #
  • @amarafox I’m glad you enjoyed star trek, I loved it too, tho I had a seat kicker behind me. #
  • @amarafox I would have moved but the theater was p.a.c.k.e.d. #
  • “My God, it’s full of stars”. #

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