Newest Felty Jester…

In progress…

The gold ribbon around the face is really red organza ribbon painted gold & sprinkled with some gold ultra fine glitter, since I didn’t have any gold ribbon when I started my project. I like how it turned out, you can still kinda see the red behind the gold. this one will have less beading than the rest of the plain felty jesters. Instead I thought I’ll give him a few buttons (in the same style as I did around his face). and I’ll be using the same treatment as the Scarlet Jester around his hands and feets.

He’s taking much longer than I anticipated. >.<

The proof is in the pudding:

  • @to_paraphrase are you doing it b/w? if so what about a nice splash of red (alizarin crimson or darker)? #
  • @to_paraphrase if you have the $$ look into getting a tuneup & oil change. An engine that need a tune up will feel like it wants to blow up #
  • @amarafox have you seen these? , I ❤ this one : #
  • @devious_vixxen indeed we are. =) #
  • @to_paraphrase to test it drive straight @ 30-35 if it pulls then the alignment is bad. other wise the tires might be unbal or out of round #
  • Felties in progress: #
  • @to_paraphrase mostly got it from being around gear heads & living on my own. #

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