New Site Again…

For the last month or so I’ve been trying to come up with a new name for my domain/site/business entity, because Faye Illustration doesn’t accurately describe what I do, I’m not an illustrator the work I produce is more governed by my emotions or how I’m feeling at that time more than anything and I wanted a name to reflect that.

I was sitting in the living room with my pad of paper writing down all the words that my friends & I thought best described my artwork, and many said or had used the word ‘dreamy’… I started playing with the word dream and came up with Dreamling, but… sadly was already taken. >.< So I started again, but every single word combination I came up with that even remotely described my work was taken. About a month ago I had bought the domain '' only since rustedangel has been my online name since I got online back in 97. But still that isn't really a name I'd like to use to describe my artwork.

Well, I decided since wasn’t taken, it was going to be mine! Give me about a week to get it all changed and I think I’ll be good to go… at least for another two years. oooooooooonly kidding… maybe this will be the one I actually stick with for good?

update: dunno why I didn’t think of this last night… But I just called and had my new domain changed to ‘’

I just think there will be less confusion with The Dreamling vs dreamling.

Geneseo Music & Craft Festival

I was really iffy about this show this year because of the economy and the fact the last two years I’ve been rained on. So… we ended up taking the old pool tarps & some plastic drop cloth, just in case the weather channel was wrong… I’m glad we did because Sunday it poured on us.

Anyway Saturday was great, I was kinda surprised because of the way the economy has been. I enjoyed my visit with Bill, and I really missed one of my other regulars, I know she has MS, and I’m hoping her not being there isn’t anything too serious.

While we were setting up Saturday morning, my husband noticed that the Geneseo Humane Society was out there, basically just across the sidewalk from us… I’ve been dead set on NOT getting any more cats right now because of Vern’s Kidney Disease… I wouldn’t even go over an look at them… till he wore me down… all weekend all he talked about was those kitten… so I finally broken down and went over there and looked…. we picked out two… BUT… once we got to the shelter to see how they were… both were obviously not feeling well, and I can’t bring any sickness into my home.

Meet: Olive (tabby) & Jules (black)

defectiveness everywhere you look…

Is it really that hard for companies to make working quality products anymore? How can they screw up something as simple as eyelets? Unless they decided to cut corners at their factory in CHINA.

I bought 3 packages of eyelets from Michael’s on Monday to make a new batch of bookmarks for the craft faire this coming weekend. As you can see from the picture above, the ones on the left have the cuts in the end to allow the edges to curl under, the one on the right doesn’t, you can see the sharp edge it leaves as it squishes the eyelet.

So, tonight is a wasted night, I’m not going to use the defective ones and risk someone getting cut and trying to sue me, so that’s setting me back an entire night when I should be working on these. I’ve written to Michael’s but the site said that they’d reply in 72 hours. I just don’t have 72 hours to sit on my but waiting for them to take their sweet time to reply to me.

I guess I’ll print business cards. >.<