defectiveness everywhere you look…

Is it really that hard for companies to make working quality products anymore? How can they screw up something as simple as eyelets? Unless they decided to cut corners at their factory in CHINA.

I bought 3 packages of eyelets from Michael’s on Monday to make a new batch of bookmarks for the craft faire this coming weekend. As you can see from the picture above, the ones on the left have the cuts in the end to allow the edges to curl under, the one on the right doesn’t, you can see the sharp edge it leaves as it squishes the eyelet.

So, tonight is a wasted night, I’m not going to use the defective ones and risk someone getting cut and trying to sue me, so that’s setting me back an entire night when I should be working on these. I’ve written to Michael’s but the site said that they’d reply in 72 hours. I just don’t have 72 hours to sit on my but waiting for them to take their sweet time to reply to me.

I guess I’ll print business cards. >.<