New Site Again…

For the last month or so I’ve been trying to come up with a new name for my domain/site/business entity, because Faye Illustration doesn’t accurately describe what I do, I’m not an illustrator the work I produce is more governed by my emotions or how I’m feeling at that time more than anything and I wanted a name to reflect that.

I was sitting in the living room with my pad of paper writing down all the words that my friends & I thought best described my artwork, and many said or had used the word ‘dreamy’… I started playing with the word dream and came up with Dreamling, but… sadly was already taken. >.< So I started again, but every single word combination I came up with that even remotely described my work was taken. About a month ago I had bought the domain '' only since rustedangel has been my online name since I got online back in 97. But still that isn't really a name I'd like to use to describe my artwork.

Well, I decided since wasn’t taken, it was going to be mine! Give me about a week to get it all changed and I think I’ll be good to go… at least for another two years. oooooooooonly kidding… maybe this will be the one I actually stick with for good?

update: dunno why I didn’t think of this last night… But I just called and had my new domain changed to ‘’

I just think there will be less confusion with The Dreamling vs dreamling.