Holiday Discounts!!!!!!!

These are the cheapest prices you’ll see on my Sketch Cards & Prints all year!

Sketch Card Commissions are OPEN, get your orders in as soon as possible so you can get them in time for Christmas.
[ samples ]
Color (2.5×3.5) ACEO / Sketch Cards 25.00 each with free first class shipping to anywhere in the US.
Black & White (2.5×3.5 ACEO) / Sketch Cards 20.00 each with FREE 1st Class shipping to anywhere in the US.

I’m discounting all of my 11×17 prints to 15.00 each. (Normal Price is 25.00 / each), with half price priority mail shipping to US Destinations!

Prints will be shipped in a crystal clear bag & backing board, in an 11×17 box.
Cards will be shipped in a semi-rigid Ultra Pro card sleeve, in a photo mailer.

At the moment I’m only taking Paypal.
Please contact me by leaving me a message to this entry or you can email me ( to place your order.

ACEO’s / Sketch Card Gallery

I made it about 1/3 the way through, I got all of the Commissioned Cards up, but the daunting task of the LotR Masterpieces is still looming.

I think the most difficult part was choosing which cards to display… I’ve done soooo many over the past 3-4 years.

Anyway… I’m done for the night… gonna go and relax the brain before going to bed.

2 down 12 to go…

For the past week or so I’ve been slaving away at my website, I’m not so sure I’m going to make my Monday deadline. I’m averaging about 1 page a night, they graphic intensive, which is why it taking so long… not only that but I’ve been scouring my files to find just the right images I want to display.

Once I got the gallery coding figured out, changing the code wasn’t that difficult… Now the layout for the Shoppe pages are going to kill me… Much more coding to change with the paypal buttons. Makes my head hurt to think about it.

anyway… back to work.

Website Stuffs…

I noticed as I was going thru the links on my links page, a few of you are STILL linking to… I no longer have that domain. Also Faye-Illustration expires this week, so make sure you update your links to

New Banners I made tonight if you prefer the 40×200 size. Please visit my links page for more info.

Also I never did figure out what I did to break my site, but I’m in the process of redoing the pages… I did get lightbox to work, also I was able to get my site to look about right in the other browsers. Now the task is to get my gallery and shoppe up and working. *crosses fingers* by Monday – that is if my brain doesn’t shut down between now and then.