Another Neytiri ACEO (in progress)

yeah what can I say…

I got my new battery charger yesterday, and recharged my batteries for my camera so I could start filming drawings… I’m so not used to having a camera in my way. @_@ ATM trying to put it all together (there’s like 5 segments) I’ll upload to facebook first because it doesn’t take long at all for it to process unlike YouTube.


listed it on feebay and was up there less than 5 minutes… I also sold both twilight cards I did in December. Doing this Na’vi, was really fun, I have one more of Neytiri planned out and a 4×6 of her and jake… I’ll probably have the card done by Friday and the 4×6 possibly Monday. *shrugs*

Remember Commissions are OPEN!

Winged Heart Locket Design…

Approx 8×9 inches Watercolor, & Acrylic on Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper

My logo/trademark/reoccurring element within just about every one of my paintings – with newly designed black wings, which reflects my fascination with those terrible black feathers. @_@ *coughfeathercough*

In actuality I only painted one half of this image, and mirrored it in Photoshop because I wanted each side to be exact.

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