ACEO Painting Video

I had such a hard time filming; first I started out painting flat (which I hate because the light makes it impossible to see), then I kept getting out of frame, then I tried to tilt my board so I could see and the camera lost focus, my head kept getting in the way. >.<

So frustrating. I’ll probably shoot another when I paint the vampire (with is the last of the 3).


Now Accepting…

Donations for my 2011 show fund.

I was hoping that we’d get enough back in our tax return so that I could make it to Origins & GenCon this year. These two shows are really important, and I don’t want a repeat of last year.

On that note, any donations over $50.00 get some of my really cool awesome 11×17 prints! (and most likely I’ll draw something for you too).

Or you can Commission me for your very own piece of custom fan art, email me with your ideas and we can discuss it. =)

To Art School or Not…

Monday I filled out some ‘more info’ applications for two art schools that offer e-learning courses; Academy of Art University (in San Fran), & SCAD, these are the only ones I could find that had online ‘illustration’ programs. SCAD said it would be 2-4 weeks before they could send me any info, but Academy of Art Uni actually called me Tuesday. I spoke to one of the e-learning admissions person and she emailed me the foundations dept portfolio submission guidelines.

OMG all of the tedious drawings I’m going to have to do for this is crazy. 3 pages (w/ 6 line items each) of different drawings each on 18×24 paper. @_@

So I got to thinking, and picked the brains of my friends over this. Do I really want a BFA in Illustration or would it be more beneficial to go for a BFA in Graphic Design?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a BFA in Graphic Design. That piece of paper is really more of a formality, I went to Community College and took every single art related course they offered, and my school I went to in the military was a graphic design school. I’ve also taken various art/graphics related classes through out my life. It’s just for a well paying steady job I need that piece of paper.

I’m going scout a few more schools before I make a decision, but I definitely want to start working on this by Fall, maybe even as early as Summer. I need to contact the CC I went to and find out how much of my military training will transfer over.

As many who work Freelance know, our situation is Feast/Famine cycle which is very frustrating and nerve wracking. Needless to say with the current state of the economy it’s been mostly famine. I need to improve my financial situation and getting my degree is the only way I can do it and be happy. I do not want to go back into office work (as a CS Rep, Collections Rep, a Secretary or anything like that.) It seems that every office job I get they look at the fact that I’ve worked in graphics and try to get by with me doing graphics work for what they pay a lowly admin. If I say ‘no’ or give them conditions (like they can pay me freelance and I can work on it after hours at home with the proper tools); I’m always told that I have to fit it in with my regular work and they change my job description to include it. Ever try to make a professional looking flier with MS Word and MS Paint, what a joke.

I’m tired of being taken advantage of like that.

OOAK Hand Painted Original Valentines

Gothic Tribal Valentine’s Day Cards Qty 25

I was very pleased with the way that these turned out. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t draw anything out before hand (except for the lines separating the cards), I just let the ink do it’s thing.

Gothic Tribal Heart Tee

There will be more merchandise with images from this last set of valentines day cards, just make sure you keep an eye on [ this page ].

OOAK Hand Painted Valentines

These classic heart Valentine Cards are hand painted, no two are the same. Painted with Watercolors, Acrylic & Glitter on 140 lb Hot Press Arches Watercolor Paper.

These are perfect for you or your child to hand out to classmates or friends and are perfectly suitable for framing.

“To:” & “From:” are on the back.

These cards are the perfect size for your child to hand out to their classmates in school.

• 32 (2.5 x 3 inch) Valentine’s Day Cards

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Next Up:
Gothic Love Letter Valentines.