CECE Spring Fling

The first show of the season is such a breath of fresh air after the long cold winter. Getting out of the house, working a show, seeing all of the familiar faces, catching up with friends, and talking to fans is always sooo refreshing.

There were quite a few more people at this show than I had expected especially with C2E2 just next weekend. I’m really glad Cynthia Narcisi stopped by, I haven’t seen her in such a long time, it was a good visit.

If things go well this year, and if I can remember to check the C2E2 site in September; I’m hoping to snag a table in Artists Alley next year.

I signed on with Paul for the rest of the CECE shows which helps fill up my show schedule for the year. Paul is such a nice guy and his shows are always fun to do. I will be doing a special original piece (I will also be filming the painting process for a time lapse video, I hope I can get my friend Penelope Ofeq to arrange a special set to accompany it.) for his big charity auction for the September show, so make sure you attend. The proceeds go to a very worth cause, The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

Up Next:

So much to do before my next show, I’ve decided to do a Mini Print / Convention Sketchbook combo thing. If I can get the design worked out, I should have it before my next show and definitely before GenCon.

Now Back to work. =)