Zazzle Business Cards

Just got my new business cards from Zazzle, and I’m a bit disappointed… AGAIN.

Just once I’d like a site that offers print on demand to actually give me the item in the product preview, and not some close proximity.

I looked all over the site and they never specified exactly where they crop the cards; so I figured since they are giving me a product preview that they would be cropped as shown in the preview, NOT. (yes, I even downloaded the template and it’s as vague as their instructions.)

They crop exactly on the Safe Zone Line, even though they don’t specify that’s the crop mark.

That wasn’t the only problem, they did a pretty crappy job of packing them.  They come in small flimsy mylar boxes of 100, one box popped open and several cards were loose in the package; so those cards are garbage, and the rest the corners are pretty banged up.

I guess I’ll know for next year IF want to take the chance that Zazzle will do it right next time.