Geneseo Music & Craft Festival (recap)

I was so nervous that it would be just a big messy weekend with so much rain in the forecast, but as it turned out; there was no rain and the weather was great!

Thank you to everyone that came out to see me, it was great seeing and talking with everyone. =)

One thing I noticed this year at the craft show that there were far less people who actually craft, than people who buy catalog items and sell them at craft shows. My neighbor (at the show) and I were discussing that, it was mentioned that ‘Crafters’ are a dying breed. And there were sooooo many people selling jewelry, lots of it you could tell came from a catalog.

There was one jewelry vendor there that really caught my eye, years ago I had seen an ad in either Elle or Vogue for Trollbeads. Then I started seeing Pandora offering the same thing, this vendor had a set up where you picked your beads and they’d assemble the necklace or bracelet.

These are the beads for the bracelet I picked:

black cat cats eye beads on the ends with a pink & green floral bead in the center

I wish they had a website so I could link to it.
This will have to do:
Kreations by Kristi (

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