Sketchbook Pre-Orders!

I can’t believe it’s taken me 5 years to actually get around to making my FIRST Sketchbook. So now is the task of going thru my pile of sketchbooks to pick out drawings/sketches I think you’ll like, I have a few series of thought process sketches and drawings I’ve been keeping secret (ideas I put on the back burner to work on later and maybe paint).

It’ll be 15 pages (heh I should be able to fill 15 pages with drawings), the 16th has a blank spot for a random sketch (hint-hint), with a color cover.

Update: I am finally done and happy with it. This morning (7/28) I rearranged images on two of the pages that were feeling a little flat. I’m completely happy with it now. I’m only making a limited number of copies, all pre-orders will be set aside, the rest are going to GenCon. Once they’re gone, that’s it.


Price is 10.00 each.
Shipping: (US & International) 2.50 (1st Class) or 5.00 (US ONLY || Priority Flat Rate w/ FREE tracking).

Pre-Orders are Closed

Your’s Truly (Retro Sexy Robot)

Seriously I don’t think many people are going to ‘get’ the title… I may have to put a small card in my prints book to explain it.

Anyway… I wanted to give you one last peek, (honest, this is the last peek I’ll post since I’m so close to finishing it). I was up till 1130p painting last night, I left the hair and dress for last since I still wasn’t 100% sure about the colors.

Well after I scanned it this morning I couldn’t help but think it looked too much like a Christmas picture. Even last night when I started painting her dress red, Christmas crept into my mind. I trudged on and told myself that I’ll just play with it in Photoshop tomorrow. And that’s exactly what I did. I’m totally in love with the colors now. It’s something totally different than I usually paint.

Get ready to get your CYPHAN on!

CYPHAN is next weekend (July 29-31) I’ll be there Saturday & Sunday (due to my husbands schedule I won’t be able make it on Friday unless we can figure something out).

I will have Limited Edition prints of the badge art at my table. The prints will ONLY be available at this show, once the show is over the prints will be no longer available. If you’re interested in owning the original (which we are hoping to get signed), it will be auctioned off at The Chicago Entertainment Collectors Expo’s Grande Finale Show in September, all proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

This is my last week to get painting and artwork done, then next week is putting together new merchandise and working in photoshop.

Last peek of my current painting, which I’m thinking of naming after the ELO song ‘Yours Truly’. I know most people aren’t going to ‘get it’, but I think it totally goes along with the theme of the painting.

It seriously needs a pop of color, I’m thinking of painting her hair white and giving her a red dress. I have a little more to paint before I actually get to working on those two things so I’ll let it roll around in the brain pan a bit longer.

Retro Sexy Robot – Progress

I’m so happy to make some progress on this piece after the last two days of having no electricity. Monday morning we had a really bad storm that knocked the power out, ComEd’s automated service estimated that restoration time would be Friday / Saturday. I was so upset and frustrated that it was going to take them that long, when I have so much I need to do that involves working in photoshop. Cyphan & GenCon are really just around the corner and that was going to put a serious dent in my time table. I found out from Pam, one of the cashiers at Jewel, that ComEd was bringing in crews from other cities to help get the power back on.

Tuesday at about 1130p the ComEd truck was on our street scouting our power lines, I think everyone on the block was outside watching, waiting and hoping.

I know it’s a little different for me, but I really think it sums up a majority of the artistic influences of my youth, Patrick Nagel, Classic Pinup, Soryama’s Sexy Robot, Xanadu and Flash Gordon from 1957 (the first real scifi I was exposed to as a kid, I used to watch it every Sunday morning).

Desk – 07142011