Your’s Truly (Retro Sexy Robot)

Seriously I don’t think many people are going to ‘get’ the title… I may have to put a small card in my prints book to explain it.

Anyway… I wanted to give you one last peek, (honest, this is the last peek I’ll post since I’m so close to finishing it). I was up till 1130p painting last night, I left the hair and dress for last since I still wasn’t 100% sure about the colors.

Well after I scanned it this morning I couldn’t help but think it looked too much like a Christmas picture. Even last night when I started painting her dress red, Christmas crept into my mind. I trudged on and told myself that I’ll just play with it in Photoshop tomorrow. And that’s exactly what I did. I’m totally in love with the colors now. It’s something totally different than I usually paint.

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