Sketchbook Pre-Orders!

I can’t believe it’s taken me 5 years to actually get around to making my FIRST Sketchbook. So now is the task of going thru my pile of sketchbooks to pick out drawings/sketches I think you’ll like, I have a few series of thought process sketches and drawings I’ve been keeping secret (ideas I put on the back burner to work on later and maybe paint).

It’ll be 15 pages (heh I should be able to fill 15 pages with drawings), the 16th has a blank spot for a random sketch (hint-hint), with a color cover.

Update: I am finally done and happy with it. This morning (7/28) I rearranged images on two of the pages that were feeling a little flat. I’m completely happy with it now. I’m only making a limited number of copies, all pre-orders will be set aside, the rest are going to GenCon. Once they’re gone, that’s it.


Price is 10.00 each.
Shipping: (US & International) 2.50 (1st Class) or 5.00 (US ONLY || Priority Flat Rate w/ FREE tracking).

Pre-Orders are Closed