Still Have Sketchbooks!

I still have quite a few sketchbooks, once they are gone I won’t be making anymore, I will actually start working on my 2012 sketchbook.

They are only 10.00 each and they come with a quicky little sketch inside.


Sketchbook ‘Inspire’ 2011
w/ First Class Shipping – US & INT’L $12.50
w/ Priority Mail – US ONLY $15.00

If you’ve purchased one of my sketchbooks please leave a review in the comments below. Thank you! ❤

OR if you’d rather hire me for your own personal original piece of artwork let me know, I only have one commission left to do, then I’ll have a clean desk. So get in line before it fills up again!


I only have about 2 more sketches to do then they’ll be shipped out probably Tuesday. Those of you who pre-ordered I’ll fire off an email once they’ve shipped and if your shipping option was priority mail I’ll include your tracking number. =)

Flashback Weekend (Saturday ONLY)

This was my first time setting up at a Horror Con; I was testing the waters to see how well my art would sell, and I do believe I’ve found my niche! Next year I will definitely be doing more Horror Shows! It was a slow start; I believe if Wizard wasn’t across the street, it would have been super crazy busy.

I was really pleased that lots of my really dark works like ““Carnivore” & “Bloody Psychodollie” were well recieved, and I sold out of “Chelle de los Muertos“.

We got to meet Lance Henriksen (my favorite Actor Bishop, Ed Harley & Frank Black FTW!), and later on he came over to my table and we got to talk about art stuff, it was simply awesome! It’s not often I get to talk ‘art’ with other artists since all of my artist friends or other artists I run into are only at the ‘shows’.

A HUGE Thank you goes to Nik for the opportunity to share his table.

I also want to give a shout out to my friend Jim, it’s been great seeing you these past few shows! If you haven’t been to The Werewolf Cafe, you should definitely go and visit his site.


GenCon INDY 2011

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my booth, you guys made this year full of win!

A HUGE Thank you to Barbara for looking out for us artists on this years new Art Show layout.

Had such a blast, I totally missed my extended artist family (Lydia & David, Laura & Matt, Bluebeard & Liz, Nigel, Amul). It was great seeing & chatting with Larry Elmore and Billy & Heather Tackett, finally getting to meet Tony & Kay Steele.

I have lots of prospects I need to shoot emails off to about the middle of the week. Lots of sketches to do in sketchbooks and mail out by this weekend. Commissions for next week, possibly some exclusive ‘game art’ to be done before the end of the month.

Also many of my friends that do the Horror Con Circuit told me that I should also look into doing those too. So the next local (Chicago) Horror Con. I find, I’ll be trying to get a booth/table space to test the waters.


Sushi Dinner @ Sushi On The Rocks (Saturday)
While their Sushi is really good, the wait is painfully l.o.n.g.


are done and I’m slightly a head of schedule! I will have 40 to sell at my table, so make sure you come by my booth at GenCon and pick one up, they are only 10.00 each and they come with a quicky little sketch inside.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that these are done. Maybe I might actually get to sleep tonight.

Cyphan 2011 [recap]

Saturday: As expected it was slow. But really I didn’t expect that in it’s second year this show was going to be busy as a show that has 15+ years under it’s belt.

As you know my ‘our’ goal for my painting was to get it signed by the 3 actors that are the guests of honor. We (Paul & I) first approached Robert Picardo, I let Paul do most of the talking since he’s a representative of the charity he does the work for. Robert Picardo was all for it, he signed it with a smile, he was happy to help out. He loved the painting, (I think what he loved most is that I made him look young, he kept commenting on that) and I asked if we could have a picture for the website and he was like ‘SURE!’. He’s such a nice person, very grounded and personable.

While we were waiting to talk to Richard Hatch, he was having a ‘thumb war’ with one of the guys, it was kinda funny. As he was signing my painting he looked at the painting he said, Why does dirk look better than me, I told him that finding good quality pictures of you guys from back then is really hard, he laughed and said ‘I Know, I’m only kidding’. He signed it, and apparently he’s been poking fun at Dirk and wanted to scribble on Dirk face on the painting… my eyes almost popped out and he said ‘ juuuuust kidding’ and laughs. =) I asked if we could have a picture He stands up and puts his arm around me and kept putting the painting up in front of my face, I kept trying to look around it, and Richard was saying… ‘what are you doing?’, I was laughing so hard, it was awesome.

Sunday: was extremely slow, but that was to be expected since the show started at 9am. It did pick up around noonish. Sadly, not many costumes came into the dealer room so I didn’t get many pictures.

All in all it was a decent show, even though my sales were low, I made some really awesome connections that will probably pan out to published work in the next few months. I really feel that the Midwest needs a Dragon Con type SciFi Fantasy Convention such as this and I believe this show could be something BIG.


Video from Sunday in the Dealer Hall: