GenCon INDY 2011

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my booth, you guys made this year full of win!

A HUGE Thank you to Barbara for looking out for us artists on this years new Art Show layout.

Had such a blast, I totally missed my extended artist family (Lydia & David, Laura & Matt, Bluebeard & Liz, Nigel, Amul). It was great seeing & chatting with Larry Elmore and Billy & Heather Tackett, finally getting to meet Tony & Kay Steele.

I have lots of prospects I need to shoot emails off to about the middle of the week. Lots of sketches to do in sketchbooks and mail out by this weekend. Commissions for next week, possibly some exclusive ‘game art’ to be done before the end of the month.

Also many of my friends that do the Horror Con Circuit told me that I should also look into doing those too. So the next local (Chicago) Horror Con. I find, I’ll be trying to get a booth/table space to test the waters.


Sushi Dinner @ Sushi On The Rocks (Saturday)
While their Sushi is really good, the wait is painfully l.o.n.g.

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